Microfibre Makeup Remover

Facial Cleansing Cloth

Microfibre Makeup Remover

Facial Cleansing Cloth

Amazing Product!!

"I love this product. I always felt my face cleanser wasn't enough to get rid of my makeup and sunscreen etc. I hated using wipes all the time and they felt like they dried out my skin. The Pragma cloths gets rid of all my makeup so easily and my skin still feels smooth and hydrated afterwards. Great product for travelling, I will definitely be recommending to friends."

Can't be without it!!

"I was skeptical about this but I really wanted it to be great, and it is! All traces of my makeup was removed with just water and this facial cloth. No more disposable makeup wipes or makeup remover creams, and no landfill. I can't be without it!"

I love seeing my makeup come off!

"So I purchased the two pack with the white and black cloth and I have to say I love how much makeup you can see coming off on the cloth. As soon as you wash it with soap and water, its like magic, the makeup just releases! Can't wait to try the grey one next lol!"

Great Alternative!!

"The single pack is a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend $30 on the face halo but still want to help the environment by reducing waste and saving money in the long run at the same time. The cloth removes makeup effortlessly with just water. It is super soft and does not pull on the skin, is gentle enough for use on the delicate eye area and removes all traces of makeup. Never going back to disposable wipes!

Loving this product!!

"Having used other similar product before I was keen try to this as I have had mixed feelings previously. I ended up really loving this product! I couldn't believe how much makeup this cloth could remove! Also that it was black so I couldn't see how much but thats just me. I liked that fact that the cloth was super smooth so it didn't feel like it was being too harsh on my skin at all but it left my skin feeling really cleansed and clean - not tight as most cleansers do. Great for the environment so makes you feel good too!"