Advantages of Pragma's microfibre makeup remover...

Advantages of Pragma's microfibre makeup remover...


1. Less wastage  – Our microfibre make-up remover cloths are washable in your regular laundry and reusable, so even though they cost a bit more at the outset, you’ll save money in the long run by saving on make-up remover, cleanser, micellar water, cotton pads, make-up wipes etc., and it’s more environmentally friendly too. 

2. Perfect for sensitive skin – If make-up removers and cleansers make you break out or irritate your skin, our microfibre make-up remover cloth could be your saviour! They are great for sensitive skin and by only adding water you aren't aggravating or changing the pH balance on your skin.

3. Gently exfoliates – When used lightly, our cleansing cloth acts as a gentler physical exfoliant than scrubs or exfoliating brushes. Gently wiping our cloth over your face helps lift any dead skin on the surface so your skincare can penetrate deeper into your skin.

4. No rinsing required – Theres no need to rinse your face afterwards, or worry about residues staying on your face! This is a major bonus for lazy nights, just add warm water to your microfibre cloth and wipe away, it actually feels therapeutic after a long day.

5. Chemical Free  No nasties are added that could strip the skin of its natural moisture.

6. Saves Money and the Environment  Every cloth is machine washable and reusable saving you and the earth over 1000 disposable makeup wipes!

7. Cruelty Free  Absolutely no testing on animals... EVER!

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How our microfibre cleansing cloth works...

How our microfibre cleansing cloth works...


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