How does Pragma Beauty’s facial cleansing cloth work?
Pragma’s facial cleansing cloths are designed to gently remove 100% of makeup completely using only warm water.  It’s the unique blend of microfibre’s that effectively breaks the makeup’s bond to the skin and holds excess oils, makeup and dirt. Once you add water and soap to your facial cloth the microfibres release the makeup more ready to be used again and again.


Should I wash my Pragma facial cleansing cloth before using? 

We recommend this, just like with brand new towels, it will feel softer and will absorb more product on the face.  There is no problem if you use right out of the packet though!  Just give your brand-new facial cloth a quick rinse with warm water. 


Do I need to use cleanser or toner with my facial cloth? 

Not at all, all you need is water.  The special blend of microfibres are specifically designed to remove all traces of makeup without the need for other products.  A few customers tell us that they still like to double cleanse, it’s totally up to your personal preference.

If you haven't heard of the double cleanse, the first step is to apply an oil-based cleaner to your whole face. Wet your Pragma facial cloth with warm water and wipe away to remove all traces of makeup and oils.


Will it remove waterproof makeup? 
The Pragma facial cloth will completely remove all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara and your favourite (but stubborn) lip tints.  We have tried and tested this on a number of party animals (insert wink face) and they have all raved about the results.  Just remember to wash your facial cleansing cloth afterwards with soap and warm water to remove any makeup stains.


I wear lots and lots and lots of mascara, will this come off? 

Like we said, we have tested Pragma’s facial cleansing cloth on the toughest of party animals and in most cases, the majority of brands, will come off provided you dampen your cloth with plenty of warm water.  As a tip, the cleansing cloth works extra hard if you hold it over your eyes, for a few seconds, as the microfibres dissolve the product bindings.

If you have particularly stubborn waterproof mascara, we recommend you try an oil-based cleanser with the facial cloth or organic coconut/ argon oil to assist, but only if needed.

Another tip: Wrap your face purifier around your finger and gently wipe up from the base of your lashes through to the top.


What is the best way to keep my facial cleaning cloth clean and prevent staining with heavy mascara or foundation? 

If you give your facial cleansing cloth a quick hand wash with soap and warm water, the microfibres will release the makeup easily.  If you leave your facial cleansing cloth for a couple of days before washing, it will take more time to release the makeup and may stain.  In this case we like to rub two cleaning cloths together under warm water with some soap, then toss into the washing machine!

Remember, the facial cleansing cloth is like any other cloth or clothing piece, the longer you leave the stain the harder it will be to remove. 


Is it safe on sensitive and/or acne-prone skin? 

Pragma’s cleansing cloth is completely gentle and safe to use on any skin types and sensitives.  Our results have shown our cleansing cloths may reduce acne as it removes all traces of makeup and oil from your face without leaving behind any residue that could clog your pores or create reactions to the skin.


How do you clean the Pragma facial cleansing cloth? 

Simply rinse and hand wash your cleansing cloth after each use with soap and hang it to dry using its convenient hanging loop.  Our cloths wash easily in the washing machine for up to 200 washes or 500 uses! (that’s between 6-9 months of use). Just make sure you place it in your specialty Pragma Beauty wash bag for protection.

If you have a white cloth place it in your light wash and if you have a grey or dark cloth, wash this in your dark wash.  As an extra tip, make sure you don't use any fabric softeners, this can damage the microfibres and your facial cleansing cloth will be less effective.


How long will my facial cloth last? 
This depends on how often you use, wash and care for it.  The Pragma cleansing cloth is designed to last up to 500 uses and 200 machine washes when cared for correctly (approx. 6-9 months).That replaces over 500 disposable makeup wipes.


My facial cleansing cloth took some colour from my coloured clothes when I washed it... what should I do?
We recommend using the specialty Pragma Beauty Wash Bag to avoid this. As per our washing recommendation - wash your white cleansing cloth with light or white items and your grey or black cloth with dark wash’s.  Discolouration will not affect your cleansing cloth make up removal capacity, however, you can try hand washing it to remove any discolouration.


Do I need to use fabric softener when I wash my cleansing cloth 

That's a big no, no. Fabric softener can actually reduce the effectiveness of the microfibres because as it can coat the strands.  Please don’t use it.  You will find your cleansing cloth will stay soft and plush with regular gentle washing. 


Can I put my cleaning cloth in the dryer?  
We recommend air drying the cloths as it helps keep their shape, that’s why we have added a convenient hanging loop, but if it accidentally goes into the dryer your cloth will still be effective and usable.  

Have any other questions for us? Feel free to send us an email at hello@pragmabeauty.com.au and one of our team members will be in contact.


Enjoy... Love the Pragma Beauty Team!! Xxo