How it works


The modern + eco-friendly new way to remove even the most stubborn makeup and dirt by just adding warm water.  Made with a blend of special microfibres, the super soft and gentle facial cleansing cloth will effortlessly wipe away makeup, exfoliate dead skin cells and even remove waterproof mascara whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, clean and healthy.


Have we mentioned how eco-friendly it is?  After removing all your makeup, just rinse your facial cleansing cloth with soap and warm water and use the convenient hook to dry.  Once a week just add your cleansing cloth to your specialty wash bag, place it in your washing machine and it will be as good as new.  Each cloth lasts around 6-9 months of use (insert shocked face).  Think how much you will save, not just in your purse but in bio-degradable waste to the environment.


Quick tip: Please don’t use fabric softener when washing as it will leave a coating that will reduce the effectiveness of the microfibres. 













STEP ONE: add warm water


Let’s remove all that trapped makeup and dirt deep inside your pores, all you need to do is just add warm water to your Pragma Beauty facial cleansing cloth and gently wipe away.  The warm water separates your makeup allowing the microfibres in the cleansing cloth to sweep deeply into your pores removing any trapped makeup. The gentle exfoliation also gives your skin a healthy and invigorating clean without changing your skins natural pH balance.




STEP TWO: remove makeup


There is absolutely no need to scrub or rub babes– simply wet your facial cleansing clothand gently wipe until all makeup and dirt is removed.  Trust us, you will be very surprised how much makeup comes off with your cleansing cloth.  This is because the microfibre hold onto the makeup and ensure nothing goes back onto your skin. If you're wearing heavier makeup like waterproof mascara, we suggest you hold your cleansing cloth over your eyes and lashes for five seconds, then gently wipe to remove.


Your face is now prepped and ready to absorb all the goodness from your skincare routine!

STEP THREE: wash + reuse


To keep your facial cleansing cloth for its longevity, make sure you hand wash, with warm water and soap, directly after every use.  Like anything, if you do not wash your cleansing cloth straight away the stain can last longer.  Toss your cleansing cloth into your customised wash bag and place into either a light or dark wash cycle, and voilà... fresh and ready to use again and again. Pragma Beauty’s facial cleaning cloths can be machine washed around 200 times! That's saving around 1000 disposable makeup wipes from landfill.


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